DIY Spacation: Your Guide To De-Stressing At Home


Indulging in a few pampering spa treatment sessions feels luxurious and invigorating, but as the year ahead looms, work and family commitments can become rather stressful, and time your enemy!

So, we have the perfect guide to recreating that spa experience, at home, and hopefully help you to get your inner balance back.


Setting The Scene
Turn off the phone, turn down the lights and light natural wax, essential oil based based candles to ensure an non toxic environment.





Swirl bath oil into warm oil, and soak for at least 15 minutes, as you do, massage oil into nail beds of hands and feet.


Body Scrubs

It's not just the skin on your face that you should pay attention to: after all, you body is covered in skin as well! Skin rejuvenates itself by shedding its surface, which you then need to gently remove through exfoliation, to reveal younger, new skin underneath. 

Do this with a through full body scrub, during your home "spacation".


Bath Soaks 

With or without bubbles, a long hot soak in the bath is not only a relaxing experience, but can offer different therapeutic experiences, depending on your needs; muscle relaxation, detox or a good nights sleep! 


Face masks come is a variety of formulations, creams, oils, clay, gels and shoes, that are so easy to use, that once on your face, all there is left for you to do is relax!

The technology invested in skin masks today are very effective, so you really only have to decide which formulation is best for you and your skin requirements. 

Personally, I prefer the sheet masks since one, the essence is contained in the cloth mask so you do not have to estimate how much product to apply for best results, and two, there is no need to rinse off, which means less work for you!



Hair Masks

Your daily routine might be too hectic to do more than shampoo and condition your hair, so, on this day of "at home indulgence" give your hair the time it deserves with some extra TLC with a hair mask.

Within a few minutes, hair mask products will help your hair recover from weeks worth of damage caused by constant styling and colouring. 


Final Tips


There is no need to do all of the suggestions we gave you all at once. If you have the opportunity to do so, perfect!

If timing is an issue, why not work out what can be done simultaneously, for example, you can apply a hair mask and set up a bath, apply a sheet mask, and then soak in the tub.

Just don't forget to set the mood by making your home smell amazing, the choices are endless, from relaxing candles, scent diffusers and gorgeous room sprays! It could make all the difference to your experience. 


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