The plan below is designed to improve the overall appearance of your skin by supplying it with gentle, effective, and protective ingredients that have proven to help wrinkled skin look and feel better. Providing such benefits to skin on a daily basis will enhance its health and appearance, encourage collagen production, and help generate normal skin cells.

A sunscreen whose formula goes beyond basic sun protection.
Daily application of a sunscreen (be it in your moisturizer or foundation) is critical to preventing new wrinkles and keeping existing lines from deepening each year. It is extremely beneficial if the sunscreen you choose is also loaded with antioxidants, anti-irritants, cell-communicating ingredients and ingredients that mimic the structure and function of healthy skin.

Vitamin A.

Vitamin A has the ability to return abnormal skin cell production back to a more normal level. The result is an improvement in skin's collagen production, which makes skin smoother and offers a noticeable decrease in the depth and appearance of wrinkles.

An effective BHA or AHA product.

One significant consequence of sun damage is that the outer layer of skin becomes thickened, discolored, rough, and uneven. The best way to help skin shed abnormally built-up layers of dead, unhealthy skin is to use a well-formulated alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) product. Such exfoliation will not only even out skin tone it will also produce a significant improvement in the texture of skin.


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